World-Renowned Production Duo Seeb Team Up With Singer/Songwriter Olivia O’brien for Summer Fueled Anthem ‘Fade Out’

After kickstarting 2019 with the release of “Free To Go” and receiving widespread coverage following the colossal single “Grip” ft. Bastilleduo Seeb return with their newest single “Fade Out” which touches on the inevitable side effects of modern dating and relationships. Accompanied by LA based pop starlet Olivia O’Brien to add her anthemic touch to the track, Seeb use their tried-and-tested sun-kissed formula to produce an instant summer classic. The duo’s creative mindsets have proven to know no bounds as their constant pursuit to create music that is energizing and stimulating ensures invigorating creations each time, and “Fade Out” is no exception.

At 19-years-old, Olivia, who recently released her buzzing debut album Was It Even Real?, has already proven herself as a pop disruptor racking up more than 1.5 billion global streams by 2019 with hit songs like “hate u love u,” which is now certified triple platinum. Previously teaming up with the likes of G-Eazyand gnash has left Olivia with a handful of big collaborations under her belt, with Seeb now joining the list. On the collaboration Olivia explains; “I’m so happy to be featured on this track with Seeb. Working with them was really fun and I hope everyone likes it! It’s super dancey and I think it will be a great vibe for summer”

“The song is written by us, Space Primates and Olivia together with Asia Whitacre and Jim Lavigne who both are extremely talented songwriters that we hope to work more with in the future. We’ve actually been working on this song for a long time now, and it feels good to finally let our fans hear it!” exclaims Seeb. With their own music, their own vision and living on their own terms, they’re taking things far beyond what they or anyone else ever thought possible. Now it’s time for the world to catch up with Seeb.

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