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Z90.3 Pulls Off Biggest Radio Promotion In The World!

Local Media  Rhythmic Top 40 XHTZ (Z90) announced the launch of #EPIC48Hours 4.0: THE , now showing on Facebook, Twitter and Z90.com.

#EPIC48Hours 4.0: THE MOVIE showcases the fourth installment of Z90s premier benchmark , #EPIC48hours, which has been dubbed “The World’s Biggest Radio ” and is centered around one winner and their guest and the most Epic 48 hours of their life.

The contest has three rules and one guarantee: 1) Be willing to go anywhere, 2) Be willing to do anything, and 3) Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. The Guarantee: The most EPIC 48 hours of your life.

This time, the winners, sisters Karla and Karinna Gonzales were surprised when Z90’s Rick Morton showed up at their door in Chula Vista at 5am, giving them just 60 seconds to grab their bags and go!

What followed next was a non-stop adventure that included a Rolls Royce Phantom, a first class flight to New York City, a helicopter ride to Manhattan, and even a TV appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. But the girls wouldn’t stay in New York long: five hours after they landed, it was back to JFK to catch their next flight to Morocco, and they experienced the journey sipping Moroccan wine in their lay-flat, first class beds. Their time in Morocco included stops in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech, where the winners enjoyed camel rides, a shopping spree, their own roles in a video, front-of-stage access to see and Luis Fonsi at the Mawazine Music Festival and dinner with Grammy-award winning music producer Red One. Each moment, minute-by-minute would be a complete surprise to the winners.

But perhaps the most EPIC part of the entire experience was the four-story riad (house) that Karla and Karinna had all to themselves. The 4,600 square foot mini-palace included its own garden, private pool on the rooftop, and even the girls’ own white-gloved butler that was at beck and call 24-hours a day. Personalized stationary with Karla and Karrina’s names engraved in gold-leaf lettering, fresh fruit, and an endless supply of the best champagne was on hand at all times. The palace was part of The Royal Mansour, one of Condé Nast’s Top 10 Hotels in The World.

The entire promotion was under the supervision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco and included The King’s Royal drivers, vehicle fleet and special forces (security)

Winner Karla Gonzalez said, “It was absolutely the most EPIC time of my entire life. And here I am now, sitting in my car, back home, eating a granola bar on the way to my nine-to-five, wondering, ‘Did that really happen?’”

Z90 Supreme Commander R Dub!, who went along on the EPIC adventure, said: “I don’t know how we’re going to top this one. The palace alone made this trip EPIC! Add in the first-class flight to Africa and the experiences with Red One, Bruno Mars and Luis Fonsi—I don’t think anyone could even dream up an experience like this—and Karla and Karinna lived it! Special thanks to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for hosting us, Red One and team, and props to our General Manager Gregg Wolfson and our board of directors at Z90, who understand to win, you’ve got to do EPIC things!”

The link to watch #EPIC48Hours 4.0 THE MOVIE is HERE.

All four #Epic48Hours movies are posted HERE and are worth watching. Past #Epic48hours have included private jets, aircraft carriers, oceanfront Malibu mansions, personal chefs, hanging out with at the Super Bowl, tango lessons in Argentina and more!

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